Did you know that the belief that cats have several lives comes from Ancient Egypt?


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How many times have you not heard and used the expression "Cats have 7 lives"?. There are multiple theories that explain this well-known myth. The majority, as esoteric and millenary as interesting and other scientific ones that refute the myth of the 7 lives, but tell us about the great strength of these feline creatures.

The belief that cats have 7 lives is popular in virtually everyone. In fact, in Anglo-Saxon countries like England, they are so cat lovers, that they have generously donated two more opportunities, reaching 9 lives.

If you want to know where this expression comes from and know the different hypotheses, continue reading this article from Animal Expert, where we will reveal the mystery to you which revolves around the supposed 7 lives of cats.

An ancestral belief

The belief that cats have 7 lives is as old as egyptian civilization. In Egypt was born the first theory that has to do with the oriental and spiritual concept of reincarnation. Reincarnation is a spiritual belief that says that when a person dies, his soul moves to another body or another life and that this can happen on multiple occasions. That is, what dies is only the body.

The ancient Egyptians had the conviction that the cat was the animal that shared this ability with man, and that at the end of his sixth life, in the seventh, he would already reincarnate in a human form.

Cats, magic symbols

Some people believe that cats are magical creatures that are spiritually elevated and use the phrase "cats have seven lives" figuratively, to express certain ability cats have, at the sensory level, to perceive the vibratory changes in seven different levels or to say that they have seven levels of consciousness, capacity with which we do not have human beings. A somewhat complicated theory, right?

Another hypothesis has to do with the number 7 as such. In many cultures, numbers are believed to have their own and particular meaning. 7 is considered the lucky number, and since these felines are sacred animals, this digit was granted to represent them within numerology.

Cats are like Superman

The rational theory All cats are "super cats". These fabulous felines have skills, almost supernatural, to survive extreme falls and dramatic situations that other creatures would not live to tell. They have exceptional strength, agility and endurance.

Interesting scientific data explain that cats they can fall standing almost 100% of the time. This is due to a special reflex that they have called “straightening reflex” that allows them to turn very quickly and prepare for the fall.

Another study by veterinarians in New York in 1987 showed that 90% of cats that fell from significant heights, to 30 floors, managed to survive. When cats fall they put their body totally rigid, which helps them cushion the blow of the fall. They seem to have seven opportunities to live, but in real life, they have only one.

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One day via a neighbor who was drowning newborn kittens because I didn't want them and I told him - I think you'll have to drown them seven times each one because they have seven lives ... And he replied: That's not the case, cats like everything Living bug only have one life, now you will see ... and it was drowning them one by one once leaving all dead .. The strange thing is that the neighbor, died that same night axfisiado by an asthma attack.

It's true, they believed in life after death, and there are several figures in the shape of cats, in the Egyptian death book cats are named a lot, greetings

The cat very considered by the Egyptians Anubis himself.

It is said that the cat has seven lives because of their ability to leave unscathed from the most dangerous situations

'The cats have seven lives‘,‘ Curiosity killed the cat ’,‘ have more lives than a cat‘… Surely more than once you have used any of these expressions but do you know why it is said that Cats have seven lives?

Cats are animals curious By nature, they observe everything, they smell everything, put something new at home and it will not take your cat to go find out what it is. They cannot see a closed door, they have to see what is happening behind it, open a closet and it will be like uncovering a can, there will be your cat inquiring about the secrets that can be hidden inside.

Cats are also skilled, we have already said on more than one occasion that cats are born gymnasts. Capable of jumping Olympic gymnast, with more elasticity than Almudena Cid and faster than Usain Bolt, they are able to leave unscathed from the more rocky situations.

This is one of the most popular myths.

The belief that cats have 7 lives has many theories. In the old Egypt there was a strong conviction that cats reincarnated just like human beings, and that when the time came for the seventh reincarnation, the animal did so in the shape of a human. During the Middle Ages, they were persecuted, victims of religious fervor and the Inquisition that cats were evil in the form of animals. Although many cats were sacrificed, there were also a large number of defenders who watched over their safety and protected them from being burned at the stake. And so, in part, the species was saved and hence the saying of ‘having more lives than a cat‘.

Many of us have believed this myth for years

Moreover, in the United Kingdom It is not said that a cat has 7 but 9 lives. It is believed that they took this number from Ancient Egypt. God Ra gave life to nine more gods and he became a cat to be able to live in the world of darkness and endowed himself with nine lives.

In Spain and Portugal it is said that there are seven lives because, apparently, it comes from the Arabs and the Turks who, luckily for the felines, had nothing against them and Muhammad's proverbs speak of seven lives.

This is the big question we have asked ourselves since we were children. Did you know?

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Pompino has a lot to tell me, our pets are smarter than we think :)

Pets are the best in the world

Do cats have 7 lives?

Affirm that cats have seven v>

A cat is perfectly capable of being able to jump a length of up to ten times its size. They have one really strong legs and powerful in relation to its weight. It is for this reason that they can fall from considerable heights without being damaged, since they also have the ability to they always fall on their feet. That is, on its legs.

Another reason why it is claimed that cats have 7 lives is that they almost always manage to escape successfully from dangerous circumstances. This is because this type of domestic mammal has a amazing speed and speed of response. You will have been able to see if you have ever tried to reach one and he does not want to be caught.

In a study conducted in the 80s in the United States it was found that of all the cats that fell from heights between 2 and 30 plants, they survived about 90%. Surprising, isn't it?

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Origin of the expression “cats have 7 lives”

In our culture, the main reason why cats are said to have so many lives has a esoteric origin. There are several cultures in which certain numbers have a special meaning. The number 7, in ancient times it was considered as the lucky or magical number.

And there is no other animal that is so lucky to have the skills to survive and / or escape so many situations in which other animals would surely die. For this reason, the minines were awarded this magic number. You may also be interested in knowing the symptoms and changes of a cat in heat.

In some Anglo-Saxon countries, it is even said that felines have nine lives. This number is borrowed from the culture of ancient Egypt, in which the cats were sacred animals.

The story explains that the Egyptian god of the Sun, called Ra, fathered nine gods. These were called The Nine Then the god Ra became a cat to travel to the world of darkness, being graced with 9 lives to achieve that goal.

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Final note

Finally, we want to make it very clear that cats only have one life, like the rest of living beings. That is the answer to the questionhow many lives does a cat have?

Remember that pets need pampering, care and care to have a happy and healthy life. You might like to know causes and symptoms of a cat with a fever.

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