Dry skin in dogs


Whether it's the food, the weather conditions, the products and the way to bathe it, or the characteristics of your pet's skin and fur, you may dog suffers from dry skin. We will notice if it looks opaque, and constantly scratches or rubs sectors such as the loin, its sides and others.

We must give solution to this disagreement that presents, so that we facilitate his life and keep him always happy.

The first measure to take care of our dog if it suffers from dry skin, will analyze your situation. Remember that scratching and rubbing against surfaces can also be due to fleas or ticks, dirt, allergies or other conditions. If when we lift the fur against the hair and observe its skin, we find these evils, a reddened skin or another striking condition, it is best to go to a veterinarian.

"If the dog suffers from dry skin, you can use certain canine hygiene products specially formulated for this disease."

Once we have the approval of the professional, or if we see that your fur looks simply dry (without scabs, reddened areas, peeling or other conditions), we turn to procedure to cure dry skin in dogs.

Guide to care for dry dog ​​skin

First, we must sanitize and clean the animal. We will comb or brush your fur, to remove dirt and loose hair, and then we will give you a bath with hypoallergenic canine products, to minimize the risk of allergic or adverse reactions. There are dry and wet shampoos that will facilitate the task depending on whether it is summer or winter, whether we are in a garden or indoors, or if it is a small or large pet in size.

When you bathe it, massage your skin vigorously but gently. Be sure to rinse it perfectly, if it is a wet product, to avoid remaining debris that will then dry out your skin and make the animal uncomfortable. After showering or bathing, brush your fur to remove loose hairs, and dry it with an old towel to remove excess moisture, facilitating natural drying. If you are in winter, remember to help drying with low temperature hair dryers, to avoid the formation of fungi and the like.

If the pErro suffers from dry skinWe will also find help from certain canine hygiene products specially formulated for this disease. They are a great choice, once you consult your veterinarian and approve it, depending on the characteristics of your pet. There are also some homemade tricks that you can apply in severe cases of itching due to dry skin, such as oatmeal and water fillings on the skin, or special oil baths. Again, consult the veterinarian if your pet's case warrants it, since you could make the matter worse if it were not the way forward.

"Your dog's food should contain enough fats and oils to allow hydrated skin and shiny hair."

After hygiene, it is the turn of the feeding. Your dog's food should contain enough fats and oils to allow hydrated skin and shiny hair. Balanced foods are formulated according to strict complete recipes, and are a great choice. You can also complement them with animal bones, meat and fat. If you choose feed your pet with homemade food, add two tablespoons of sunflower oil or mix it to the preparation, to help in the hydration of your skin. Finally, make sure you never lack clean, fresh water to drink.

How to take care of our dog's fur

Tips to take care of the dog's fur

While each family has its own secrets so that the dogs hair be bright and beautiful after each bath, there are some truths and lies about your care. In this note we will learn some of these tips, and deny some misconceptions that many have about the fur care of our dogs.

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Guidelines for caring for dry skin in dogs

There are several factors that can cause dry skin in your dog (the propensity of the breed, food, the environment and the weather) and therefore it is necessary that your pet does not suffer from this problem or be severe from certain care that They will greatly enhance your well-being:

Eradicate external parasites: It is the first step you must take to take care of my dog's dry skin. To do this properly visit the veterinarian or call him to recommend a suitable antiparasitic for your animal.

Professional review: Now that you have eradicated fleas and ticks, your dog will have less skin discomfort but dry skin has not yet been resolved. Therefore, it is good that you also consult the veterinarian so that he can confirm the condition and meditate on the relevant products.

Actions and tips to care for dry skin in dogs

Brush your dog's hair: This is advised to do it frequently. By brushing you eliminate loose fur and improve the ventilation of the skin.

Give him a good bath: For this use a hypoallergenic shampoo, which will prevent discomfort. Before the bath give a good brushing and while you bathe it you will have to perform a massage on all your skin. At the end of the bath you must completely remove the shampoo.

Dry your dog well and prevents it from getting wet while going for a walk or being in the garden: If you do it dry it very well since if you do it you will be preventing the appearance of fungi, which is not convenient.

Properly hydrate your dog: To take care of my dog's dry skin you must give enough water to your animal. It gives abundant, clean and fresh water and encourages good consumption. If you notice that it does not drink enough water you can for example give chicken broth, without salt and with little fat, when serving your dog's food.

Take care not to overdo your dog: If you bathe your pet a lot this may be causing the problem or aggravating it. Therefore you should give your dog baths only when it is really dirty. Bathe only once a month or after 6 weeks. If it is not dirty, the bathroom can wait even longer.

Products against dryness: Of these there are several in the market but before buying one it is best to consult with the veterinarian.

Food care: In many cases it is recommended to change the dog's feed for those of the highest quality that deliver essential nutrients and vitamins to achieve healthy skin. The nutrients sought are acids Omega 3 and 6 as well as high quality proteins.

Dry skin in dogs is a tip for dogs, and talks about care.