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A few days ago I posted this video on my YouTube channel and due to the large number of comments and emails I received I wanted to make a larger post to try to clear as many doubts as possible about FURminator. I have made a video an explanatory graphic I hope it is very useful!

Big or small?

Following the publication of the previous video on the YouTube channel, there are also many people who have asked me if the FURminator of large size (dark purple) or that of small size (light purple or lavender) is more suitable.

The difference is that the smallest brush blade measures 4.4 cm and the large one measures 6.7 cm (more than 2 cm wider).

In this case I would like to clarify one thing: FURminator recommends the large size for cats over 4.5 kg. However, in my opinion the small model is more comfortable, since the comb blade fits perfectly between the ears, so it is very comfortable to drag the hair from the head to the base of the tail.

In my opinion, for cats of "normal" size it is more comfortable and we will be able to access more areas the brush of small size. However, for very large cats, such as Maine Coon and cats that are around 7-8 kg, the dark purple (large) model is equally effective, but reduces the number of passes needed to remove dead hair.

We must also take into account if the cat is more patient or more nervous, since although I like to brush more with the little one and access more areas, if our cat has no patience and is big we will choose the one that collects the most hairs in a single pass.

Now you have no excuse to choose yours !!

Barbed brushes

Barbed brushes come just like cards in a variety of formats. The most classic are oval, but there are also rectangular ones that are more comfortable to work in areas where oval does not fit easily.

In addition to the shape and size, we have variety in the hardness of the pad that is transmitted to the spikes, the softest being the one known as butter brush, which is a wonder in long and silky hair breeds, since it does not break the hair, its spikes are loose if they meet a knot or we give a very strong pull (we can replace them later), they are very soft with the dog's skin and its pad is pneumatic, which means that it sinks while we brush to adapt better to the dog's body. It is a wonderful brush for breeds such as the Maltese, Chinese Crested, Yorkshire Terrrier and in general for the maintenance of long-haired and low-density dogs.

The following in hardness are known as soft brushes, which unlike butter, do not release the spikes. There are also with normal spikes and extra long spikes. They are excellent in breeds such as Shih Tzu, Chinese Crested Powderpuff, Afghan, Coton de Tulear, Pomeranian, Bichon Frize and in general long-haired or semi-long-haired dogs with high density.

In these brushes it is best to stay away from those who have balls on the tips, since as in the cards, they break the hair. If we buy a good quality brush, we should not worry about hurting the skin, since they have rounded barbed tips to avoid scratches, in addition to that if you have the pneumatic pad the pressure on the skin will be minimal.

Bristle Brushes

Among the bristle brushes for dogs there are those of nylon bristles, those of natural and mixed bristles, which carry natural bristles combined with nylon bristles to give more strength to the brush. The function is the same for everyone and definitely the best ones are those of natural bristles, since these do not create static and distribute natural fats much better. However, for ethical reasons we can opt perfectly for synthetic bristles.

These brushes are mainly used for finishes, since their softness does not allow them to efficiently brush most mantles and much less untangle knots.

They are very effective for straightening hair in Yorkshire Terrier, Bichon Maltese or Shih Tzu dogs, but they are also wonderful for giving volume to dogs like the Pomeranian, they also work very well to remove loose hairs in short-haired animals and even to remove some sofa hair.

A little known but very effective use of natural bristle brushes, is the distribution of the balm or mask by the mantle at bath time, since they help us distribute it evenly throughout the mantle reaching the skin and guaranteeing a better result of the product.

Rubber brushes

Rubber brushes are the most economical and most useful for short-haired breeds. They have always been used as an indispensable tool in the care of horses and more recently they have appeared in the world of dogs. These brushes not only eliminate dead hair, but also massage the skin, improving circulation and giving shine to the hair. There are many different shapes and hardnesses and even in the form of a glove, but the best ones are the “lifelong ones” oval like those in the first photo and we should only choose the most rigid for large animals and the most flexible for the most small, because in this way we can comfortably brush the entire body of the animal.

The King Coat, King Coat or deslanadores, are not properly brushes but they are a spectacular tool to flatten and work mainly double-layer dogs such as Husky, Samoyed, Golden Retriever, Collies, Akita, Newfoundland, etc., since they remove the sub-hair without damaging or breaking the primary hair.

They are also very useful for opening knots quickly.

Their teeth are curved and although they have some edge, if used properly they do not cut or damage the hair. They are not brushes for very frequent use and depending on the type of mantle they can be used more or less frequently, however and if we want to keep our dog in perfect condition, it is best to take it to a dog groomer so that at least the two Times of the year that have hair changes (spring and autumn).

Although very useful, they are more a professional tool than a homemade brush, so you have to learn to use them conveniently depending on the type of hair of our dog before doing experiments with them.

In breeds of hard hair such as the Schnauzer, the West Highland Terrier, and the Dachshund of hard hair, it is phenomenal even for periodic maintenance, since in these dogs in addition to removing the sub-hair, it makes a slight stripping also tearing the primary hair helping their regeneration, but again I repeat that you have to know how to use them to get good results.

FURminator type brushes

Like the King Coat, the FURminator and the like are not really a brush, but rather a stripping / flattening blade. Its use has spread both among pet owners and especially among cat owners, which has become the best-selling pet product in history.

Although it is an extremely effective tool that can give spectacular results, it should be understood that we should not use it too often and that brushing sessions should not be extended for a long time to avoid skin irritations or tear excess hair.

Because yes, although the well used FURminator does not tear or damage the hair, misused can tear it away, irritate the skin and even leave baldness on the animal.

The ideal way to use the FURminator is to use some other brush suitable for maintenance and the FURminator only for sporadic sessions, the frequency of which can range from 1 to 4 weeks depending on the time of the year and the type of hair of our pet.

The FURminator works for short-haired and medium-haired animals, but should never be used on long-haired animals.

The combs for dogs and cats are a tool of the most useful and that every pet owner should have.

It is impossible to describe all the comb models that exist, there are with handle, without handle, double use, with very separate teeth and with very closed teeth ...

The model to choose is as always the use that we are going to give it and the most suffered and versatile are usually the so-called dual use without handle. The reason is that they are much more resistant and manageable, in addition to giving us two different tooth separations for different finishes or areas of the body.

With a comb we can perfectly open the hair and untangle even some knot, they are very soft with the dog's skin and even in nervous animals that do not tolerate other brushes the combs usually go unnoticed if we use it gently.

They also serve to comb and accommodate hair, make up, bundles and top knots.

The combs with separation of normal teeth usually are worth for any dog ​​or cat of medium and long hair, while the more closed ones better known as flea or pigeons, are excellent for short-haired animals and help us detect and eliminate external parasites such as Fleas and even dandruff problems and peeling skin.

These combs are also suitable for top knots, collected and for combing and brushing beards, mustaches and eyebrows.

Do not forget that to achieve a perfect finish, and regardless of the type of brush we use, we should never brush dry hair. No matter what type of hair our dog or cat has, we must always resort to specific moisturizers and spray them on the mantle before brushing. This helps us to hydrate and give elasticity to the hair, preventing it from breaking or generating static energy, as well as keeping the hair much cleaner between baths and protecting it against pollution.

Useful data

When choosing a comb for your pet, you must pay attention to certain characteristics. The most important that you have to consider is the type of hair your cat has. It is not the same to choose a brush for a long-haired animal, than for one that has it very short.

Another point that you should also take into account is the material with which the comb teeth have been manufactured, that is, if they are made of plastic or metal, how far each one is and whether they are flexible or rigid.

In case you cat is long-haired, you must choose a large and separate tooth comb. It can be plastic. If your little four-legged one has short hair, it is best that you decide on one with small, narrow teeth. You can buy it either plastic or metal.

The how often an animal should be combed or brushed depends on the breed of the cat. For example, if it is a Persian cat you will have to comb it every day. However, if it is a European that you do it 4 times a week is enough.

Types of comb for your cat

Barbed comb: It is a great grooming tool for your friend. Suitable for all types of fur, clean dirt without a trace. But you must be careful, since their metal spikes can damage your pet's skin. Therefore, when you pass it, you should be gentle, especially if your little friend has long hair.

This type of Comb removes tangles and softens the skin, making Let your pet's hair become much brighter.

Long barbed comb: Can be used in all types of layers. It is very useful in long-haired pussies. Regular use of this cat comb detangles the coat and prevents the formation of mats. Their barbs have two different lengths. Longer teeth go through the top layer to untangle the knots, while shorter ones help pick up loose hair.

Bristle brush: Ideal for cats with short hair, the soft bristles of this brush smooth the coat of your little friend's fur, leaving it nice and shiny.

Rubber brush: Some cats seem to hate combs and brushes. If your little one is one of them, it is best to use a rubber brush. They are soft and help to massage the skin. They also help eliminate loose hair and it is so small that it fits in the palm of your hand, that way your friend can't even see it coming.

Comb to eliminate your cat's fleas: In this type of comb your teeth are very close to each other. That way, flea eggs and dirt are removed. But be careful, these types of products tend to break easily. If you use this type of comb remember that After using it you should immerse it in hot water with a little soap. Then you must hit it on the table to remove all types of waste.

Pin brush: helps eliminate knots and tangles in the skin and prevents mats. Combs easily go through the fur. It is a good brush and can be used every day, especially in medium and long layers.

Double-sided brush for cats: The dual sides of this brush make it very useful for your cat. With one face the hair is detangled and with the other it is combed. With this double-sided brush the brightness is assured.

Fitfirst Pet Brush

  • ✿ QUIT HAIR DROPPED: Remove loose hair, dead hair, dirt and dandruff that is under the fur of your great pet. Read more
  • Simple use: The hair works quite well.
  • Simple cleaning: It is very easy to remove impregnated hair.
  • Quality: Great quality.
  • In dense hair we may have some other problem.

This pet brush is a practical option to end loose, dead hair, as well as dirt or dandruff that may occur.

It is easy to clean and use. The brush design is arranged in 45º, which facilitates the vision of what is being done.

MAIKEHIGH cat brush

  • Reduce spillage by up to 90%, in just 15 minutes with this cat and dog brush, so you don't have to worry about hair or. Read more
  • Speed: In just 15 minutes we will finish with dead hair or dead skin.
  • Comfortable: It is comfortable and easy to use.
  • Practical: He is really able to fulfill his task.
  • However, the price can get us a little budget.

The Maikehigh brush allows us to kill up to 90% of the animal's ground or dead skin in just 15 minutes. That is how it ended at all times finding unpleasant skin or hair throughout the house.

It suits both dogs and shorthaired cats, how long.

BELISY Dog / Cat Brush

  • 🐶🐱 ELIMINATES DEAD HAIR: This pet brush removes up to 95% of dead hair, the inner layer and hair loss. Read more
  • Least effort: Achieve the best results with the minimum associated effort.
  • Adaptation: It adapts to hairs of all types of length.
  • Massage Effect: It helps to get a characteristic skin massage.
  • No major hits.

The Belisy brush has been designed to remove up to 95% of dead hair, keeping your home or car in the best conditions. Its rounded tips give the most pleasant and smooth experience in the pet, without affecting the sensitive skin.

We can choose it in up to 3 different colors (blue, red and green), being ideal for hairs of all types of length.

Molting comb for large long-haired cats

  • For long-haired cats of more than 4.5 kg. ^ 6.7 cm Shedding Edge designed for longer fur lengths of 5 cm. ^ The Steel Shedding Edge. Read more
  • Adaptation: Fits long-haired cats (L).
  • Useful: Detangles the lower layer of hair and ends with loose and dead hair.
  • Light: It's very light.
  • However, the price is somewhat higher than one would expect.

This powerful tool is perfect for use in the treatment of cat fur of more than 4.5kg, being able to work with fur longer than 5cm. Its edge has been designed in stainless steel, a material that will eliminate the delicacy of the lower layer and loose and dead hair. Reduces hair shedding around 90%.

Pet cat brush

  • ★ Five uses: 1. Comb and retain unwanted and dead hair, 2. Detangle skeins and knots. 3. Help limit hair loss, 4. Read More
  • 5 uses: It can be used in 5 different ways.
  • Easy to clean: The bristles are removed by pressing a button.
  • Ergonomic: The handle adapts to our hands.
  • It is not always available to buy it.

This comb has been conceived for 5 different uses:

  • Finish with loose hair.
  • Kill the tangles.
  • Limit hair loss.
  • Stimulates blood circulation during use.
  • Reduces hair loss up to 90%.

In addition, it is simple to clean, since you only have to press a button so that the bristles retract, making cleaning the brush much faster and easier.

All these effects can be minimized by having a good cat comb.

Brushing will have to be done based on the type of fur that the animal has: we will not have to brush it at the same rate if its fur is rather short, than if the cat drags it (in this case, it could probably use a cut of imminent hair).

If you have a cat and you still don't have a comb for him, you are in the best section. Read on to know how to choose a comb according to what you are looking for.

Card type combs

This is the most useful type of comb for your cat, as well as the most economical.

If you are not sure what type of brush the animal should use, you should take a look at it.

With it we can comb, untangle, as well as remove dead hair that may have been concentrated.

It has the characteristic to stop the spikes very close together, managing to fulfill what it promises.

As the only disadvantage it is important to know that, in certain areas, it is possible that the animal does not like too much to be brushed, so it is advisable to be careful with the cat comb if we don't want to take a snort or, worse, a blow.

Massager type combs

These combs are much more advanced, since they not only comb, but also help our cat receive a most special massage.

They are usually constructed from rubber material, their spikes are wide and are capable of massaging the animal, while removing all the hair that should not be there.

However, they are not considered the best cat comb why they don't usually work very well when there is some kind of tangle or considerable frizz.

Furminator type combs

This comb model is very advanced, since it helps to remove all the amount of dead hair that may have accumulated. It is very useful when the animal is in full movement of the hair.

However, they should not be used in the event that the animal is wet, since it will not be able to perform its task fluently.

Barbed combs

And we finish with this type of comb that will serve both to untangle and comb. They have a rounded tip type so that it can adapt to the cat's hair shape. This is perfect to avoid that the animal could suffer some dice if it were to move.

Depending on the model of cat comb Whatever you are looking for, you can move between different price ranges.

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