How to choose a hamster?


First of all, go to a specialized store to purchase it.

  • If the animal will be fully in charge of your children, it is recommended that children are over 10 years old, children are usually afraid of them and also tend to squeeze them, triggering an abrupt or aggressive reaction of the animal.
  • Look for one that is peaceful and affectionate, most hamsters are, but on some occasions, especially if they have received an inadequate treatment, they can become badly sullen and sullen, you will realize this since when you put your hand in the cage, your belly will roll up or want to bite you.
  • Pay attention also to the physical aspect, as that will indicate the health status of your new pet. A healthy and vitally hamster will move quickly and be attentive to everything that surrounds it. Your hair will be fluffy, especially around the anus, and your eyes will be dark and bright.
  • Check that the four legs are in perfect condition. Choose a young hamster, they are distinguished from adults because the latter have no hair inside their ears.
  • Avoid those who are weak or lethargic, reject those who are very thin, with dull hair and balls, or those who have an excessively dry or wet snout.
  • No need to buy a couple, they are animals capable of living perfectly without company. In addition, if you choose two males, they will surely end up fighting to protect their territory, and if you choose a couple, you will fill the house with small hamstercillos.

How to care for a Hamster

The ideal home for a hamster

When our hamster I got home, we must have your new house ready. This new home must be set for proper development and growth.

How to choose a hamster

Having a hamster is an excellent option if you want a pet that does not require much care or take much effort. Too They are great if you have children at home or if you've never had a pet before. They are easy to maintain, very cute, fun, cheap ... But how do you know which one is the best? In this article we give you the tips you need to choose a hamster.

5 Tips to know how to choose a hamster

If you want to know how to choose a hamster and get it right, follow these steps:

  1. Go to a trusted breeder or a store specialized in this type of animals. This type of persons They are the ones that can best advise you and give guarantees.
  2. Within the options, Look for a healthy hamster. How to detect it? A hamster in good health will look active, cheerful and playfulIn addition, you will have lush, fluffy hair and dark and bright eyes. Find a hamster with vitality.
  3. Hamsters have a life expectancy of only approximately 5 years. If you want to enjoy your company as much as possible, choose one as young as possible. Look for some ears well raised and with soft fluff inside.
  4. Think about living together and what you want: if you choose two males, you probably have to separate them every time they have territorial fights. If they are female and male, you can be sure that they will have lots (really, lots!) Of young. If you don't want this, you have two options: choose only females, or catch both sexes but keep them in separate cages.
  5. Discard hamsters that have a wet tail, swelling, a very dry or too wet snout and ailments in the ears, eyes and mouth. In general, Look for one that is visibly healthy.
  6. Once you have chosen your ideal hamster or hamster, Remember that you must take good care of it to keep it healthy and happy. In Wakyma you will find all the help you need.

Some things to keep in mind when buying a hamster

In general, thehamsters are friendly, but inappropriate treatment can alter the mood of our friend and return it hostile. This is seen when we put our hand inside the cage: if the animal tries to bite you or turns on its back it is showing aggressive behaviors, so it is not the most suitable for a child. Nor for you if you don't want a real challenge!

Another important thing to look at when buy a hamster It is the fur. Must be spongy, Aspect soft, Y sparkly. It is a way to measure your health, as well as checking that your four legs are in perfect condition is another way. To differentiate an old hamster from a young hamster you have to see the hairs in the ears. The elders grow inside. A active hamster Show curiosity for everything, don't forget it.

Tips when buying a hamster

When you go to adopt a hamster, you should pay attention to their appearance, as it is a good indicator of their state of health. A healthy animal moves with agility, its fur should look soft and fluffy and its eyes have to be dark and bright. Probably, very thin specimens present some kind of disease.

Other tips to consider when choosing these friendly pets are:

  • The so-called Syrian hamster is the easiest to care for, so it is recommended for beginners or children.
  • They are animals that usually live happily in the company of their peers, but easily adapt to loneliness. In this case, it is preferable to adopt a male, since it has a more adaptable character.
  • If you choose to have more than one, and unless you are looking for a baby, Choose furry of the same sex.
  • If you decide for a couple, you have to keep in mind that rodents reproduce very fast. Females go into heat every four days or six days.

What care do these little rodents need?

When caring for a hamster, keep these tips in mind:

  • Offer a wide and ventilated cage. Put a small house to sleep, a feeder and a drinking fountain, at the base, place abundant sawdust.
  • To spend your most entertaining days and exercise, It is recommended to introduce toys in your cage. Wheels are very common, for example.
  • Too you must provide him with elements so that he can gnaw, since his teeth grow steadily.
  • Provide a varied diet, based on small amounts of fruits, vegetables, cereals and meat, to a lesser extent. A specific feed for these animals is also an excellent alternative.

Anyway, Do not forget to consult the veterinarian on the most appropriate way to address the care of these hairy. These professionals can guide you with greater precision and, of course, they will have products to offer you that will make everything easier.

«The most common and sociable hamsters are the golden ones. Also called Syrians, they are ideal for children because they are not aggressive »

How to Choose a Healthy Hamster

The care of a happy hamster

Taking care of a hamster is not something difficult to do, especially since these little ones do not take up much space, in addition to being very clean and it does not cost much to maintain them. Each hamster has its own personality, although their personalities are not as strong and independent as that of dogs or cats. If you play and grab your hamsters frequently, they become adorable and affectionate beings.

Before you run out to buy a hamster, you need to have a house ready for him. Make sure you have a cage or fish tank that is large enough so you can feel comfortable. A wire cage will keep your hamster happy, as the air circulates freely and has enough vision to feel part of the house. If you plan to have a dwarf hamster, make sure the bars of its cage are close enough so that it cannot escape.

Be careful of the type of substrate you buy from your hamster to make its nest. Care should be taken not to buy sawdust from pine or cedar. The newspaper is bad for them, since they can react to the inks with which it is printed. Buy a bag of sawdust, or visit a nearby carpentry shop and if they have sawdust that is not made of pine or cedar, you could ask them to sell you a bag, although they will most likely give it away. But if you are not sure what type of wood it is, do not use it. It is preferable that you buy sawdust at the pet store, so you will know that you are placing something that will not harm you.

Place the water bottle low enough in your cage so you can reach it without any problem. Make sure it does not drip, and check that the pelotica in the tube is working and the water runs freely when he sucks.

Hamsters can suffer from diabetes!

You get the hamster food at the pet store. Unless you are an advanced owner, it is better to give him this balanced diet, than trying to make your own eating plan. If you are going to supplement your meal with fresh fruit or vegetables, remember that too much sugar is bad for your health, so it is better for you to eat more vegetables than fruits.

A hamster needs to exercise!

Your hamster will need to discharge all that energy that has accumulated, for this nothing better than an exercise wheel. The ever present hamster wheel must be solid, instead of having steps. With a wheel without holes or spaces there is less chance that your hamster's leg will get stuck in one of these spaces. And if you're going to buy a dwarf hamster, make sure the wheel isn't too big for him.

How to recognize a healthy hamster?

When choosing your new hamster, you should be careful to select a healthy hamster. He must be alert, cheerful and with bright eyes. You must be curious, and you should not show any signs of illness. Verify that your eyes and nose are clean and that the tail and genitals are dry. Also take a look at the other hamsters in the cage. All of them must be healthy, or your new pet may have been exposed to the disease, but it shows no symptoms yet.

Are the other animals in the store healthy too? If you have a bad feeling or are worried that your possible new pet might be bad, go to another pet store. Make sure the selected hamster is not aggressive. You can break this habit of aggressiveness with patience, but it is preferable not to start with a problem pet.

When you get home with your new hamster, you must remember that due to its shy character, your little pet will be nervous and restless, since his life has just undergone a change, he was with his brothers and cage mates a while ago and now he is in a place alone and surrounded by strangers. Handle your hamster gently, and talk to him gently. Do not take it out of its cage at all times, allow it to adapt to its new environment for a day or two.

Hamsters are excellent pets, easy to care for, create bonds with their owners and are very affectionate once they adapt to their owners. Learn all you can about caring for hamsters before taking one home.