American Bully, this is the breed of one of the dogs that attacked Sandra Gómez


He American bully It is a dog that comes from USA, it is a mixture between American Pit Bull Terrier and American Staffordshire Terrier and also has more distant relatives such as the English Bulldog and Staffordshire Bull Terrier. It is recognized primarily by the American Canine Hybrid Club.

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American bully features

He is an athletic dog, strong, very muscular and powerful, with a large dominant head and compact body that is somewhat intimidating. We are faced with a robust medium-sized breed that has a tremendously powerful jaw and a not too long tail.

We can find them in many different colors from brown, through blue to black although they are usually dark colors, we do not find albino or merlé specimens. Many owners of this wonderful breed have the habit of cutting off their ears, something that we totally advise against.

It is a dog with a physical strength superior to other breeds, attributed by the genetic inheritance that Pitt Bull and Amstaff has received from its predecessors.

There are 5 different types of American Bully:

  1. American Bully Pocket: It is the one that shows the smallest size of all types of American Bully that are known so far, muscular and small is full of energy and brims with vitality.
  2. American Bully Classic: Of all, it is the most proportionate and has a medium size, it is the finest of all even being a muscular, strong and rough-looking dog.
  3. American Bully Standart: Medium in size, the Standart is the model that inspires the entire race. Muscled, medium in size and with a powerful head has the best attributes.
  4. American Bully Extreme: Very similar to American Bully Standart is twice as muscular. Wide and powerful conveys a unique fierce appearance.
  5. American Bully XL: Similar to the American Bully Classic, it is much larger than the rest of its race partners. It is more proportionate and stylized even with strong muscles.

American bully character

The breeders of this premeditated breed sought to find a faithful and familiar companion behind the fierce and rough appearance of the American Bully. That's right, although it may surprise us, Bully is an example of a loyal and sociable dog and is even generally very good with young children. He is an extremely faithful and affectionate companion who will not hesitate to prove his value to his owners in the face of any danger. He is very intelligent, capable of carrying out very different skills.

They have one good relationship with children. A properly educated American Bully is one of the most endearing races in the relationship with children. They are patient and extremely affectionate with them, it is known as one of the races that best socializes with them. In addition, by his enormous protective instinct we know that they are not at risk.

The behavior with pets is usually also excellent. This breed knows their physical qualities well and tends to properly control their movements so as not to hurt smaller dogs with whom they love to socialize and play. You should always educate the Amstaff by fostering the relationship with people and dogs, already from a puppy. Open and friendly, we recommend castration to divert all the dominant behavior that you might have and thus obtain a quieter and more stable dog.

The Bully is a muscular dog that should be exercised properly. At least, It will feature three generous walks a day, so as not to suffer anxiety or demotivation inside the home. It is not a dog for cross-country racing or endurance because transporting your body at high speeds is an effort. Still running a little and maintaining an active pace on the ride are basic conditions for your routines.

The American Bully It is a very clean dog and he will like to be brushed, washed and removed the legañas every morning upon waking. With these basic care you will keep your short hair clean and shiny.

Puppies should receive an extra dose of calcium in their diet, they will need it for the development of their bones that will support more weight than another dog of the same height. For adult feeding we will use a normal feed or croquettes, with the doses recommended by the veterinarian or the manufacturer. In addition and to enrich your diet we will occasionally give you pate (common cans) with high protein content. A varied and adequate diet along with exercise will result in a happy and healthy dog.

There is news of Bully dogs that have received steroids to increase their muscle size. Besides that it is an anti-animalistic and very cruel practice, it can cause very negative effects on the dog, which will be unable to communicate. It's very important Do not supply any type of medicines without the express supervision of the veterinarian It can affect our pet very negatively influencing extreme cases, aggressiveness.

American bully education

Before adopting an American Bully you should know that it is recommended for people who understand dog psychology and his behavior within the pack. He needs a firm, calm and consistent master. Therefore it is important that the owner of this one becomes aware of what it means to be the leader of the pack and follow an order and rules.

You will need patience for education but it is a very intelligent dog that can offer us very rewarding and good results. You will not have difficulty in learning tricks and obeying whenever we apply a positive training.

American bully health

In the American Bully we usually find a healthy and strong dog although the constant crossings between close relatives have caused the appearance of hereditary diseases in the American Bully population. They have one slight trend to develop cataracts, hip dysplasia, heart problems, elbow dysplasia, allergies, deafness and hypothyroidism.

This is one of the eight "potentially dangerous" races and the Government drafted a specific decree to regulate their membership

The two dogs that have attacked Sandra Gómez, PSPV candidate for mayor of Valencia, are of the American Staffordshire Terrier and American Bully, one of the eight "potentially dangerous" breeds under Spanish law.

The American Bully is a breed that emerged in 1980, although its development and recognition was not until 1990, obtained from a cross of races American Staffordshire Terrier, Staffordshire bull terrier, Pit bull, English Bulldog, Olde english bulldogge, American Bulldog and French Bulldog.

Their breeders took special care to get a dog that was an excellent family companion, with a noble and calm temperament. Despite its robust appearance, it is not a physically strong dog, since it was not created for any job function. According to experts, this is a dog designed to be raised in a home with children.

More information

According to him Royal Decree 287/2002, of March 22, about dangerous dogs, the characteristics it has are the following:

a) Strong musculature, powerful, robust appearance, athletic configuration, agility, vigor and endurance.

b) Marked character and great value.

d) Thoracic perimeter between 60 and 80 centimeters, height at the cross between 50 and 70 centimeters and weight greater than 20 kg.

e) Bulky, cuboid, robust head, with large and wide skull and muscular and bulging cheeks. Strong and large jaws, robust, wide and deep mouth.

f) Wide, muscular and short neck.

g) Solid, wide, large, deep chest, arched ribs and muscled and short loin.

h) Parallel, straight and robust anterior extremities and very muscular posterior extremities, with relatively long legs forming a moderate angle.

According to this decree, animals of the potentially dangerous canine species, in places and public spaces, they must wear a muzzle appropriate for the racial typology of each animal. Likewise, potentially dangerous dogs, in public places and spaces, must be conducted and controlled with non-extendable chain or belt less than 2 meters, without being able to take more than one of these dogs per person. Breeders, trainers and traders of potentially dangerous animals must have adequate facilities and facilities for their possession.

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All you have to know about the American bully

The American bully It was a wanted dog that was born from the desire to have a docile dog, which can adopt as a pet, but that at the same time had the appearance of heavy and strong. The problem then was that all dogs with that appearance had been trained for fights, so they were aggressive.

Before the Pitbulls, David Wilson was interested in a type of dog known as Amstaffs –American Staffordshire Terrier– With a very peculiar blue color. From this the race of American bully began to develop.

The color of the Amstaffs attracted attention, as it was not normal to see such a tone in a dog. His sturdy little body attracted the attention of many as well. These fans began to breed dogs of this breed by mixing them with the English, French and American Bulldog and with Pitbull.

The different dogs with which they were mixed gave birth to the American bully in different versions: standard, classic, pocket and XL. However, only the standard is recognized as a purebred.

Special cares

Because of its great weight compared to its body, it is necessary that you watch the amounts of food, as well as not having a high fat percentage.

You will need to exercise often, although it will not need to be a resistance exercise, because his flat snout makes him have small breathing problems. Moderate but constant exercise.

On the other hand, it should be noted that It is a breed that loves cleanliness, so your daily grooming will be vital For your emotional health.

You see that, without a doubt, appearances are deceiving. The American bully may seem like a tough and sturdy dog, which might suggest that his character is the same. Notice that nothing is further from reality. Will it be your next pet?

Bullypit physical characteristics

The American bully is a medium sized dog. Its height is around forty-five centimeters to the cross and its weight can reach even fifty kilos.

On a physical level, his great head and powerful jaws stand out. Its neck is short and thick and has a fairly wide chest. His entire body is robust at general, athletic levels.

In proportion to its body, its legs and tail are somewhat short. However, we should not be fooled, because it has great agility.

Depending on your physical conditions, we can catalog the American Bully in several types:

  • American Bully Pocket: Rather small in size, it is the most popular of the breed.
  • American Bully> Regardless of the type of Bully, the American Bully's coat is always short, fixed and soft. With colors such as white, black, brown or gray, generally bearing the white breast. The colors that are officially not allowed are albino or merlé, nor are the specimens known as American bully Blue.


I am interested to know some things that I have a lot of doubt I have a bully I have been with him for 2 years but something is coming out on his skin he has changed in shampoo he has changed the food he sleeps up and everything and scratching takes the songs and is in flesh Vivid neck and that part of me has very sad I want to improve but I do not know what and what I can do

Hello good how can i feed a 4 month bully

They all come from the wolf. The real dog All have been modified.

They are beautiful dogs! I have an American Gray Bully and is very very faithful and noble, the best company there is, also an American bullterrier and a German Shepherd puppy, all 3 were rescued from the streets 🙂

Fence ugly and deformed dogs that are bullys, leave bullys that are not worth pa na and buy you a canary dam, that is a Spanish dog

What a comment. I strongly disagree that genetic "experiments" are made with dogs. The crossing of this breed makes its life expectancy very short due to the care and diseases it can have. But you have to treat them exactly like the rest of the dogs.
There are no ugly or deformed dogs.
Your comment denotes that you are not too dog-loving,

Maria ines says

Normally what is the price of an American Bully puppy? Why do you see so much price difference?

By God, do not feed the purchase of dogs.
Adpotar. There are thousands

I love them I think they are the most beautiful and powerful and with an ideal size and character


How much can you send me information

Continue to promote the business of selling dogs and the streets will continue to be filled with abandoned dogs

Because you say so much that they adopt how many adopters you are, it is very difficult for you to get a Billy

So my French bulldog bitch got pregnant with a stanfordshire american terrier wanted to know if the offspring will be american bully? ?

Hello Camilo, they will be staffordshire mestizos, but they will not be American bully as such. He thinks that this race was not made at a single crossing, but that it takes years to create the race.

Jorge Aguilar says

The bully come from the American pit bull terrier and the American stanforshire terrier

I would like to buy a bully who has one for sale

I have got 6 weeks

Yolanda Santos He says

We have 5 bitches for sale with 7 weeks of life and very affectionate

Where are they from? I want a dog. [email protected]