Eight Tips to Keep Your Dog Clean After a Walk in the Mud


If your pet loves to walk on rainy days, and consequently, comes home very stained, here are some tips to clean it in conditions.

When going for a walk on the street on a rainy day, or if water has fallen recently, our dog tends to get wet. We wanted or not. No matter what precautions we can take, because they are dogs and Ride time for them means their daily recess, your absolute freedom.

That is why we should not be afraid of getting dirty, since they are like little children throughout their lives. You have to let them do and enjoy their moment of glory, as the walk means to them. Although then we know what we have to face: the bathroom.

Not everyone needs a bath

After some walks, our dog may need a good brushing. We can try clean your fur with your comb adapted to the type of skin that each breed has. If this does not work, or we see that you have too many tangles if it is a long hair, we will proceed to take your bath.

The dog can be cleaned with a thorough brushing, but without harming the animal. Because it may get dirty very regularly and it is not good to wash it so many times in a row. If we see that combing it is not enough, that remains of dirt remain after walking through the street, we can try to remove the remains by helping us a wet towel and drying after With another dry.

Before starting, we should stop for a moment to analyze the needs of our pet and the advice that depends on each type. Not everyone likes the bathroom, so you have to avoid it if it is not your periodic washing. More than anything because many animals do not tolerate baths well, since the products can cause allergic reactions or even some skin diseases. That's why it is convenient that we first inform ourselves about the assiduity with which one can clean up To our dog.

Those who have a pet that belong to that class of animals that go crazy over water - apparently those with long hair, who for some reason prefer to get dirty more often than others - should be more attentive. Usually they can get wet more times than one with short hair, as normal general, for skin protection issues, but that will always depend on many other factors.

Walking with rain is not bad

The thorough bath, as an average time, is a few months apart: It depends on the breed, its hair, the size of the animal, its health, its physical activity and whether it lives inside or outside the home. If not, you can choose a large village where the animal fits without difficulty in case you can not or do not want to put it in the bathtub or shower at home.

First of all, you have to find a comfortable place for the animal and the owner. A place where you can bathe, allow you to move easily, that he can not escape quickly - because it would put everything lost of water - and where I don't feel stress. Since the bathroom to clean our dog is not always pleasant for either of us.

You also have to prepare the area. That is, having everything we need later on hand: specific shampoo, water at the ideal temperature -not too cold, not hot-, soft or hard brush depending on the type of fur, several towels and a dryer, in case you are not afraid of it.

Normally, as one of the most repeated advice, is that we tie our animal while we give it a bath. But the truth is that the necklace is not good, for several reasons. One of the causes is that, using it can cause a rejection of the dog to this object, since it would be a symbol of punishment in case you do not like washing after walking. In addition, depending on the type of material, it can fade and we would not clean the neck area well.

To clean your coat, it is always recommended that they be used specific products for your race, hair and fit for your skin. There are also, in addition to shampoos, conditioners that are perfect for those canines that are long-haired. In addition, there are those who use vinegar to eliminate parasites, but always be careful not to introduce it to wounds and whenever it is used in a timely manner.

Following these tips, we must follow one of the most important guidelines when cleaning our pet: walk carefully when washing your face and ears. Foam and other products should be kept away from these areas. Of course, the ears have to have continuous control to avoid possible conditions - always clean them with a cotton pad or a damp cloth.

A quality ride

Once we have these clear tips, we will proceed to the bathroom after taking our pet for a walk on the street on a rainy day. And remembering the following: as long as it is totally necessary and can be done carefully.

When we have the water ready, we can rinse the dog with our own hands. First with the water and then applying the shampoo. You have to remove that dirt that has adhered to your hair and skin after the walk, but always with the precaution of not harming.

We can help ourselves with a brush, so that it penetrates well between the pores and give with a massage, to relax and not be tense. In addition, we have to pay attention to the gaps between the fingers, which are those that get into puddles and take more mud if there was rain on the street.

If your pet is one of those that need less baths per year than other breeds, you should know that you can try to remove dirt based on water, with nothing else. Without any specific hair product, since even being special for them could damage your PH.

As for the product we choose, the use of perfumes or fruit-scented shampoo is not recommended, since dogs must maintain their peculiar natural fragrance, so that they recognize each other and behave like dogs, not as people. Therefore it is better to select a neutral one, so you don't modify your interactivity.

Before leaving:

  1. Provisions - Make sure you get enough clean towels and a suitable shampoo for spare dogs so you can clean your dog as quickly and efficiently as possible. If it rains throughout the week, you may need to think ahead to make sure you're prepared. For this reason, a good plan is to plan a washing program in relation to walks with the dog, or you may arrive home one day and discover that it has nothing to take away all the mud that your puppy has taken.
  2. Trim your dog's hair - A simple step you can take before leaving home is to trim your dog's hair. If your dog has long hair on the back of the limbs, you can trim it so that it does not get so muddy during walks in the rain. The best way to get it is to go to a professional hairdresser. They have already done it many times before. If you cut your dog's hair yourself, invest in good quality scissors and make sure your dog is calm when you cut his hair. If your dog moves suddenly (something that can happen with dogs that get nervous easily) you could injure him.
  3. Plan your walking route according to the weather - There are some routes that can become muddy when it rains. Unfortunately, if you have not planned alternative routes beforehand, it is quite likely that you end up doing the same way on rainy days (although other routes might be drier). A day without rain is the perfect time to discover new routes that will help you keep your dog clean in case of rain.
  4. Consider buying warm clothes for your dog - Many dog ​​owners are clear that their dog is filled with mud easily. For this reason we can find clothes specially designed to protect your dog in its walks through muddy places. Before buying, we advise you to measure your dog to get an idea of ​​its size. The dog should feel comfortable and not suffer movement restrictions by wearing a dress. If you want to avoid having to thoroughly wash your dog after each walk, this could be a good option.
  5. Dog bag with zipper - If you drive to the walking area, you may also want to buy one of these bags. The dog bags with closure are made with a very absorbent material and completely cover your puppy full of mud, so you make sure the car remains clean. You can also use one of these bags with closure when you get home after the ride. In this way, much of the mud and moisture will be absorbed before proceeding to clean the dog.

After the ride:

  1. Shower the dog - If you don't want to let your dog in when it is full of mud (we don't blame you for it!) You will need to shower it before letting it pass. A hose can be a refreshing reward for your dog in hot weather, but in winter it can be a very unpleasant experience for him. Consequently, it is best to leave a bucket with warm water on the door to be able to clean it before entering home. Alternatively, you can ask a plumber to install a faucet outside the house to clean the dog (instead of the bucket). You will also need a sponge to help you remove the mud more easily. If they are indoors, you can clean the dog on a floor that can be easily cleaned (that is, not on a carpet or carpet). You can put newspaper papers (or something similar) right after you pass the door so that there is part of the mud and have the shampoo and towels prepared in the bathroom for thorough cleaning.
  2. Wipes - Single-use wipes can be a great help in removing mud from your dog. Think about having disposable dog wipes and leave a few in the car. An added benefit is that they also help eliminate the typical 'wet dog' smell.
  3. Clean your legs - If you don't want to have dirty footsteps all over the sofa, a good idea is to clean your legs thoroughly when you have not yet climbed. Make him sit down and ask him to screw you up. Ideally, teach him how to do it when he is still very young. Clean your legs with a damp towel and check that there is no mud between your fingers.

Now you should know how to bathe a dog! Following the process explained above, you can enjoy more walks in the rain in muddy areas. Although you may have to clean your dog, having everything planned in advance will allow you to clean it with great ease. So, take out your water boots and take it to a quagmire!


Touch your dog's paws when playing or petting, so that your pet gets used to the touch, even when daily care is not running. This should be easy to do with puppies, but older dogs that are not used to having their feet touched can complain. I gently work to convince the uncomfortable dog that what he is doing with his legs can be a moment to create a bond between the two.

How to clean dog paws

First of all you need to check if everything is ok with your dog's paw. Sometimes it happens that they themselves or step cut into something awkward. Therefore, make sure everything is fine on the lower leg before starting any cleaning procedure, or the dog may complain a lot, and don't let it be cleaned again.

To properly disinfect your dog's legs, just use a damp cloth on each foot. After cleaning all the legs without leaving dirt, including the spaces between the fingers, make sure they are completely dry, since moisture contributes to the proliferation of bacteria and fungi. Also be careful not to overdo it does not irritate your dog's skin. Therefore, do not wash too much or put your legs in direct contact with the water stream.