What to do if my dog ​​gets lost


All dog owners fear the possibility that our best friend will escape. For many precautions we take there is always the risk that our dog may get lost. Sometimes we can leave a door badly closed, but it can also happen that our dog is scared during the walk and pull just at the moment we do not have the leash tight. In addition there are dogs that are true escapists and manage to jump or pierce any fence that stands between them and the street.

When one of these accidents happens, many times the nerves and worry prevent us from acting. We may feel distressed and disoriented, without knowing what to do or who to ask for help. That is why in this post we will explain all the steps to follow to find our dog as soon as possible.

Notify the police and protectors

As soon as we realize that our dog is lost we must contact our local police. You have to call or go to the police station to provide our data and a detailed description of our dog. It is also very advisable talk to the surrounding protectors so they know that our dog is lost and let us know if anyone finds it.

This step is very important, especially if we do not have our pet properly chipada and identified with a sheet. When someone finds a lost dog and has no way of contacting their owners, they usually call the police or a guard to pick up the animal, so they will be the first to know that our best friend has been found. .

If our pet has a microchip, we have to notify him of his disappearance. to the registry of the Spanish Network of Identification of Animals of Company (REIAC). So if a veterinarian passes the chip reader to our dog, he will get a warning so he knows they are looking for him.

How the poster should be

When we make a poster to look for our pet we must include several things in it:

  • A photo of our pet: The most advisable thing is that it is a current photo in which all the characteristic details of our dog are appreciated. If possible it is best to print it in color, so it will be easier for someone to recognize it.
  • Text indicating that this dog is searched or what has been lost> Where to hang the sign

We must distribute the posters starting with the area where we have lost our best friend. If there are veterinary clinics we can ask them to hang it. We will also take the opportunity to leave our contact information in case someone takes them to our dog. We also have to place posters throughout the usual promenade area and around our house, because lost dogs tend to look for areas that are familiar to them.

It is a good idea to send the poster by whatsapp to our friends, family and neighbors so that they are alert. You also have to ask them to spread it to their acquaintances who live near the area. Another option that usually gives good results is to publish it on Facebook and other social networks. In them we will find many groups for the search of lost dogs where people will help us by sharing the information.

Search your dog

We must begin the search where the dog was lost. Anyway you have to keep in mind that a dog can travel great distances in a very short time, so we will not limit the search to that point. We can ask friends and family for help, especially those whom the dog knows and has confidence. A lost dog is generally very scared, so we will try to call him in a friendly and affectionate way. It is a good idea to bring a toy that makes noise to attract it, but it will also be useful to bring food and sweets.

The sooner we start looking for our dog, the more likely we are to find him. As the days go by, you can move away and it will be increasingly difficult to find information on your whereabouts. Anyway we should never give up or lose hope, there is always a chance to find our hairy.

The importance of the microchip

Finally we want to highlight the importance of implanting the microchip to our pet. And you don't just have to have it, too it is essential to keep the data updated, so if we change phone number or address we must notify you.

The effectiveness of the chip in finding a lost dog is widely demonstrated, so if our dog is well identified we will be much more likely to recover it in case of loss.

Do not despair

Never lose hope or give up. There is frequent news of lost dogs that sooner or later end up finding their way back.

Don't stop looking for it or calling it. Wherever he is, he will surely perceive your love and will do everything possible to meet you again.

  • Check the sites where you posted the loss ads often. Also, keep in mind that someone may have found it and publish an ad without seeing yours.
  • Expand the search perimeter as much as possible and renew the posters and search notices.

And, when your pet finally returns home, don't forget to remove the posters and the different announcements about their disappearance. Thus the energy of good people will focus on the animals that are still lost.

This is why it is so important that you are>

Like every day, you take your dog to the park, let go and let him play. Suddenly, you get confused and lose sight of him or something happens that scares your pet and runs away. He may call you back or he may be scared and hide somewhere. This is one of the ways to lose an animal, although there may be many others, they can even steal a pet. Therefore, it is important to know what we should do in these cases.

There are collars and mobile applications that can help us find our lost dogs thanks to a GPS system, but these methods should not meet the identification rules regulated by law.

The microchip is like the ID of our pets ”

European legislation and the different laws of the autonomous communities in Spain dictate that all dogs must be identified with a microchip, which is, as explained by the Lieutenant Civil Guard of the Seprona Headquarters, Luis Fernando Solanas Almalé, a "Like the ID of our pets."

For dogs, "identification is mandatory in Spain during the first three months of life or at the time of acquisition ”and in some communities you also have to do it with cats and ferrets. At the European level, dogs, cats and ferrets must be identified to move around the countries of the Union.

The microchip, which is similar in size to a grain of rice and is inserted into the neck through a syringe, contains a unique and exclusive 15-digit number for each animal to which the pet owner's data will be associated. This small device that will stay forever between the skin of our pet, will be essential to find it in case of theft or loss.

In case of losing an animal, it is necessary to know that the 15-digit figure of the microchip is also found in the card and identification papers of our pet. We must go with this information to the nearest post of “Civil Guard, National or Local Police, or the City Council and report the facts there,” says the Lieutenant of Seprona.

In addition to the identification number, the agents will ask us for a series of information about our pet, such as “the breed, age, place of loss or theft, circumstances that occurred”. add the Lieutenant.

Filing a complaint is not the only step. It is necessary to call the Spanish Network of Identification of Pets (REIAC), which is the registry where all our pets are registered and which is disseminated at European level through its namesake in Europe, PEYMAXX. In this way, if our pet appears in some other country, the REIAC will be notified, explain to REIAC sources.

The time that passes from the loss or theft of our pet will not affect the complaint: "they never expire and every six months we call the owner to find out if he has found it," they add. Of course, when it appears it is necessary to call them to clarify that we have found it.

Every six months we call the owner to find out if he has found his pet ”

Text: Patricia Lozano.

Dogs are almost like children: if we get confused for a moment, they can do any mischief or mislead and get away from us until they end up lost. Logically, we have to take all the measures that are within our reach to prevent this from happening, some regulated by law and, therefore, mandatory.

This is the case with the microchip, a tool that can be vital to find a stray dog. It is mandatory to control the abandonment and to sanction the people who commit it but, at the same time, if the animal is lost, a veterinarian will be able to know its data and thus contact its owner. The regional laws also require that dogs and cats be registered in their corresponding records.

Another precaution that we are also obliged to comply with is to take dogs on a leash that, in the case of those classified as dangerous, cannot be extended or exceed two meters. In the latter case, the animals must go outside with a muzzle.

Since dogs need to exercise outdoors, there are areas suitable for them where they can be loose and play with other dogs. We must be very attentive because it is in these moments of fun when they can get confused and disappear. You have to keep an eye on them at all times when we don't have them tied up because there are many reasons why they could walk away like a bitch in heat or a loud noise that scares them and causes them to run away without any control. Finally, if you are one of those who have the habit of leaving your pet tied to the doors of shops, know that in these cases there is not only a risk of leakage but also the possibility that someone steals the animal.

But, if despite being very careful, our friend has managed to escape, we must remain calm and act with common sense. First we will go crazy looking for him in the area where he has disappeared. We will shout to him, we will ask people if he has seen it and we will not rest until it gets dark. It is a normal reaction and maybe we can find it and it all ends in a little scare. If this is not the case, we must contact the Company Animal Identification File, which is where the data containing the microchip is stored to warn of its disappearance. We can do it by calling ourselves or through our veterinarian. In the animal's chart we will find the telephone numbers and the microchip number that will be requested. We will also have to go to the Municipal Police to report the loss before 48 hours have elapsed and keep a copy of the complaint. With this, we will avoid being accused of abandonment.


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Hello, I know more than three months ago I lost my chihuahua and the truth is that there is no day I didn't look for it but I don't know what to do anymore and I miss it too much that without it my life has no meaning or direction it was everything for me

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