Guide of the Andalusian Winemaker


El Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz It is considered by many as one of the best dog breeds in history, for small prey such as rodents, rabbits and hares among many.

How companion dog is also excellent, so your education must understand training techniques for living together and also for hunting.

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How will you train a Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz?

For properly educate an Andalusian winemaker we must wait until he is at least six months old, since during his first months of life he will only want to eat, sleep and play, like puppies of any other breed.

From the age of six months We can start to teach our Andalusian Winemaker some tricks, always with a lot of patience and without losing my nerves. It is not really until they reach one year of life when they should begin their training.

When we want to start will train our Mousetrainer Winery we must do it after he has walked and played, this way there will be spent your excess energy and it will be easier to concentrate.

Ideally, educate him in a quiet area where he is not distracted by the presence of other dogs, animals or people. Always using positive reinforcement and not exceeding thirty minutes of daily training.

If we want to increase training time, we must divide it into two classes, half an hour in the morning and half an hour in the afternoon.

The importance of positive reinforcement for training

Positive reinforcement is the training technique most used by professional educators of the whole planet, because it is the one that offers the best results when it comes to training a dog or Andalusian Winemaker Ratonero puppy.

Positive reinforcement It consists of rewarding our dog with many pampering, compliments and petting as well as with a cookie, when he does something well how for example to fulfill the order we have given him.

In this technique there are no punishments, scolding or reproach, that is, we will reward our dog when he does it well, but when he does it badly we will simply ignore it completely. No prize, no compliments but also no punishment.

The use of force such as aggression against a dog, screaming or similar, will only cause the dog have trauma Sooner or later they will emerge with bad behavior or aggressiveness. Thus should be avoided completely and without exception, all physical punishment.

Training techniques for an Andalusian Winemaker

Although there are thousands of canine training techniques for educate our Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz, these are the most frequent and widely used. We can always teach our dog new tricks Once we know how to teach him.

Remember that patience is the best gift of the trainer, and that the Andalusian Winemaker can be a bit stubborn at times. Patience, perseverance and good rewards It's all you need for your Winemaker Mouseman to learn in a few weeks.

How to teach him to sit

Will train a Andalusian winemaker It is very simple if we know how to do it, so the first thing will be to find a quiet place to start teaching this simple trick to our dog.

We will call our dog by name and then we will give you the order to sit down, for example "Trufo, sit down". Obviously the dog will not know what to do, since it is we who must teach him.

So very softly we will press the back of your back, which is attached to the tail, to make it feel. When you do, we will congratulate you and we will give you a prize making use of positive reinforcement.

The technique consists of repeat this exercise several times over several weeks, dogs learn by repetition so it's simply matter of time you learn to sit down to order without having to press your back.

How to teach him to lie down

Once our Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz has learned to sit correctly to order, we can start teaching you the lie down technique. We should not start with this technique until you know how to sit properly to order.

To teach our Bodeguero dog to lie down, we will first give him the order to sit “Rufo, sit down” and when he sits, instead of giving him a prize we will give you another new order, to lie down "Rufo, lie down."

To learn to lie down we can move your front legs forward with the help of our hand, or show you the prize (dog biscuit) and put it in front of your nose and go away progressively to lie down unconsciously.

Once you lie down, we will congratulate you and give you the prize. With repetition you will learn this technique in a few days.

How to train him to come to the call

This is one of the simplest techniques to teach our Bodeguero Andaluz to come to our call, in it we will simply use the food. We can use dog biscuits or small pieces of sausage, which they love.

We will show our dog the prize and We will call you by name, followed by the order "Rufo, here." Then we will give the prize to our dog to taste and eat it.

We will begin to walk and when our dog walks away a little, we will get a new prize and we will show it to him at the same time that we call him “Rufo, here” When you come to us to eat your cookie or piece of sausage, we will congratulate you and give you the prize.

We will repeat this exercise whenever it is necessary to call our dog, in this way will relate our flame to a prize and will always come without thinking. There is nothing that dogs like more than eating.

How to train him to learn to follow traces

Develop the sense of smell Our Bodeguero Andaluz is very simple with this training technique, perfect for teaching follow traces during the hunt or just to have a good time with him.

We will ask our dog to sit with the correct order “Rufus, sit down” and when he does, we will get a prize and we will show it to you. He must remain seated at all times, meanwhile we will place several awards behind the legs of home furniture, under the sofa, behind the table, etc ...

He must see how we hide the prizes, and when we are done we will give him the order to search and eat “Rufus, go ahead”. He start searching the prizes and to eat them, making use of their sense of smell.

Then we will repeat the play but we will color prizes only in some places, in others we will do how we leave a prize but without leaving it, so that he thinks that there is a prize.

When we give the order, the will make use of his nose and he will start looking for the prizes in the places where he has seen us put our hand. In some you will find your reward and in others no.

We must repeat this technique for weeks, then hide premise in a room without him seeing us do it and when we take him and give him the order, know that you should look for your prizes hidden.

With this we will develop your sense of smell a higher level. We can practice this training techniques also in the street, hiding prizes behind trees or shrubs.

Origin of the Andalusian Ratonero Wine Cellar

This particular breed of dog originates specifically in Cádiz, province located in the Spanish region. Its name is due to its original function as a perfect vermin hunter in cellars. Probably descends from the race Fox terrier, which were moved by English wine merchants who came to settle in the area beginning the 19th century.

As time went by, the Ratonero Bodeguero Andaluz dog crossed paths with other native dogs, mostly used in warehouses boats by Spanish sailors to eliminate vermin in their cellars.

The crossing resulted in a set of dogs perfect for hunting small animals, they were even used in stables and harbors. In an accelerated way, the Andalusian wine cellars achieved some similarity in appearance, the crossing was made in order to obtain fur from White color, to facilitate locating them in the dark places where they carried out the hunting work.

Characteristics of the Bodeguero Andaluz breed

In general terms, the Andalusian Wine Cellar is a can of medium height, on its tight and thin skin settles its white hue with stains color blackcomplexion light Y athletic. This aspect adds strength, agility to face vermin and hunt mice.

Their particularities Physical make it easy to deduce the purity of this breed. Look in detail at each of the features that stand out in the Bodeguero Andaluz:

  • Extrem> Bodeguero Andaluz has somewhat short and thin but athletic and strong limbs. The nails get to touch the ground and their fingers are rounded.
  • Body: Its trunk is athletic and very compact, it is a dog that is careful and slender. Normally, they have a white body with small spots in brown or black.
  • Ears: They stand out for having forward the tip of the ears and all the time upright, in a triangular way. The Bodeguero Andaluz can have brown, black or white ears.
  • Head: it is triangular its head, dark eyes bright and small, jaw adjusted and fit perfectly.
  • Hair: Its fur stands out for a soft and fine mantle of copious hair, regularly in white, spots on its head and neck in black or brown.
  • Tail: straight to the spine and with high implantation on his throne. Although the tail is thin it resists enough.
  • Size and weight: their weight is between 7kg and 8. Females can measure up to the cross between 35cm and 41cm, but males are between 37cm and 43cm. In both males and females, a centimeter is tolerable by default or excess of the margin shown, provided it is harmonic and there are no defects.

Character and behavior of Bodeguero Andaluz

The Bodeguero Andaluz has a quite nice character, can be an affectionate, cheerful, friendly, restless and very brave dog. Although at certain times you can prove your geniusDo not worry because you can calm it down easily with something you love or a treat.

The good character of Bodeguero Andaluz is one of the most outstanding qualities, it is a dog that can be attentive to the family, the children, others animals and not only with its owner.

He is an affectionate, friendly, social, cheerful, and cheerful canine. The Bodeguero Andaluz may be somewhat hyperactive and you probably need constant walks or fun games inside the home.

The Andalusian Winemaker gets along quite well with other animals and different dog breedsHe loves to play and enjoy with elderly and young children He is very respectful, formal and with a certain genius that can be solved with the appropriate training.

If you have a difficult day at work, Bodeguero Andaluz is able to get you a big smile is the perfect heartthrob as service dog.

In front of other larger animals, the Andalusian Winemaker is not afraid, regardless of whether they are mustelids or foxes.

Thanks to its excellent attitudes this breed has been chosen in recent times as one of the best companion dogs, its great ability to adapt, the sympathy and ease of games make this canine an excellent choice of pets In the home.

Training of the Andalusian Winemaker

It is essential to train the Bodeguero Andaluz from the puppy stage, but without demanding too much and do not expect him to achieve much during the beginning. Between third and fourth month of life You can start training the puppy gradually.

Pay close attention when working the socialization, try to get along with everyone around you, humans, animals and other dogs. It's necessary that interact and play with dogs of different breeds, in this way the Andalusian Winemaker can learn from puppy to respect them.

As it develops you can observe its rapid learning, this is mainly due to its flourishing intelligence. Training and control in the area of ​​obedience should become your main objective.

If you want to be an excellent trainer or coach for your Bodeguero Andaluz, you need to be able to trust you and you should never betray him.

Constantly use the positive reinforcement and totally avoid violence or punishment. Win your trust since your pet is a fragile puppy.

In order for the dog to learn the exercises or tricks properly, it is important to apply positive reinforcement as a basic technique. Professional trainers use this type of technique worldwide with quite positive results.

If you think a scolding will be understood by the dog, we can tell you that you are very wrong. The Bodeguero Andaluz, like other dog breeds, is not able to reason, but they have a splendid memory.

Basically, positive reinforcement focuses on positive stimulation when the dog performs an exercise or trick correctly, you can give it a chuche or cookie for dogs and give him a congratulation in an energetic way.

Adequate food for the Andalusian Winemaker

When an Andalusian Winemaker is in the puppy stage it is necessary to receive as feeding main the breastmilk, at least until the third month. Then you should start eating puppies, especially for dogs at that stage.

At the end of the first year of life you can change the feed for another especially for adult dogs of small size. The most advisable thing is that you can make an investment in products of excellent quality.

Since they are animals carnivores the dogs, the products meat They must be the main food base of the Andalusian Wine Cellar. Avoid supplying your dog with croquettes or feed of poor quality, since the canine can be significantly affected in your health.

You can contribute 2% daily of your ration equivalent to the weight, if you notice that fattens Too much the portion decreases, but if it looks too thin it will be better to add an additional percentage of feed as food.

If you decide to include food Natural BARF, based on fresh meat, it will be essential that the Andalusian Winemaker exceeds 6 months, because it is necessary that your teeth are well developed, that is, you should no longer have milk teeth but the definitive ones.

Failing that, you can give him foods like rabbit, chicken, some vegetables, rice. Despite being a very active dog, it does not require too much food because of its small size. Regulates their diet to prevent canine obesity, you should consider that these dogs are guided by instinct and feed depending on hunger.

Remember to always keep fresh water in your bowl so that the dog stays hydrated.

What are the necessary care of Bodeguero Andaluz?

The Bodeguero Andaluz is a dog that stands out for the softness and hair color, but it is necessary to perform some care so that it retains its normal conditions and does not become rough. You only need to perform a certain routine to ensure that the softness and shine of the hair is preserved indefinitely, because the breed normally change the fur twice during the year.

For your fur to look clean all the time you should brush it during the week on 3 occasions. Use a brush specially designed for canines that do not have long hair. In this way you can remove dead hair and dirt, the hair can grow again freely. Brush the coat gently and in the same direction as your hair, this will reduce possible health problems on your skin. Let it look beautiful and shiny fur by adding salmon or other fish oil to your diet.

You can give it a bath a couple of times per month if the Bodeguero Andaluz does not wallow in the mud. Try to use a shampoo specifically for dogs all the time, you should never use your shampoo because they have a different PH and the product can cause dandruff or some irritation.

If your Bodeguero Andaluz is a puppy, the water for your bath should not be cold if it is not warm, it will be necessary to dry it completely after bathing because the puppy can catch a cold. As you know, dogs at this stage are quite delicate and the flow of air can cause a serious health problem. You can use a dryer and several towels for the dried out faster, it is the most recommended.

This action can be performed when the dog requires it, it is not necessary to do this daily care. Cleaning your ears You can do it only once a week and nails can be cut once a month.

Normally, these dogs require cutting their nail Because they can wear out naturally. If your dog Bodeguero Andaluz plays a lot in cement or asphalt, his nails wear out naturally, but those who live in field areas do not.

When the dog's nails arrive on the floor it will be necessary to cut the month to avoid complications of the canine's health. Make sure before cut your nails, where the blood vessels and the nerve end. Never Cut your nails flush with your legs.

Due to the raised ears of the Andalusian Winemaker his ears tend to get dirty because dirt and dust enter faster. Clean your delicate ears during the week only once, you need a gauze moistened with the ear cleaning mixture, rub the inner part of your ears with the support of the little finger.

Clean the dog's ears carefully and without haste, you should not put too much pressure either. By rubbing your ear internally your ears will be free of dust and dirt stuck.

The Bodeguero Andaluz is very curious, intrepid and somewhat exploratory, ends up getting into less thoughtful places, attracted by his inexhaustible curiosity. In the end you will always end up with dirt or vegetable debris in your eyes. This area of ​​the dog's face is very sensitive, you should never try to cure this area without the recommendation of a veterinarian, because you can cause a major infection and make your situation worse.

For proper care of the denture of your Andalusian Winemaker there are two ways:

  • Use of products of natural origin that clean the tartar by themselves.
  • Therapies to remove tartar in a veterinarian, a problem caused by dog ​​food.

Some owners of this breed choose to wait for the accumulation of tartar Significantly, before opting for therapy with your veterinarian, this is not the best way to act because it can result in some of the following risks to the dog:

  • They increase odds of an infection in your gums.
  • Evil breath Of the dog.
  • Pieces dental losses.

It would be a lower cost to clean with the veterinarian. Although the best option would be to supply Bodeguero Andaluz with natural biting products that allow it to gradually remove tartar, this in turn prevents tartar from accumulating.

By feeding your dog's chicken wings with hounds, it will help to keep your pet's teeth tartar free and healthy.

Diseases that can affect the Andalusian winemaker

Like other dog breeds, Bodeguero Andaluz is not normally affected by health complications, thanks to its usual hyperactivity and vitality. It resists temperature changes and diseases quite well, its development is very good in humid and cold environments despite having a short coat. However, you may be affected by some health problems that we show below:

  • Rabies: this problem was eradicated from the area, it is best to give the dog annual vaccination. The fox and the rat are the main animals that spread rabies, as we know the Andalusian Winemaker is a born hunter of these animals. It is a disease that is spread in humans and dogs through the bite of an infected canine. It usually causes death in the dog.
  • Distemper: Puppies are usually affected by this type of disease. Some Winemakers and other races can recover after having distemper, but the lesions are preserved during their existence.
  • Leptospirosis: This type of disease is characterized by causing lifelong kidney injuries in the dog. Leptospirosis can spread both dogs and people.
  • Kennel Cough or Parainfluence: Although it is not a serious problem, it is quite contagious. It is characterized by a dry and constant cough.
  • Parvovirosis: in young puppies can cause death. In contrast, adult dogs suffer intestinal lesions that cause bloody and severe diarrhea.
  • Canine leishmaniasis: This condition can be serious and cause the death of the dog, different symptoms can occur such as weight loss, skin problems, nails too long, small nosebleeds and is a disease whose development is slow.
  • Hepatitis: viral disease transmitted by the virus that causes Encephalitis in foxes. It can be spread through saliva, urine and feces, from one dog to another. People are not spread through the dog. A dog with hepatitis may have the following symptoms: lack of appetite, disorientation, fever over 40 degrees and sadness. Some canines may present with mild vomiting and diarrhea, problems in their respiratory system.

What is the life expectancy of Bodeguero Andaluz?

Normally, it has been affirmed that the breeds of small dogs, where the Andalusian Winemaker is included, their life expectancy exceeds that of those dogs with larger size. This can be confirmed in the analyzed race, which can live more than 15 years easily when they have the right care and food.

Exercise, good quality food and affection daily, correct deworming and vaccines recommended at the time, this will extend the life of the Andalusian Winemaker. But, if the diet is not healthy and the dog does not receive the necessary care, the life expectancy of the dog decreases in a significative way.

The Bodeguero Andaluz is a good pet for children?

Dogs of this breed are pets perfect Regardless of the developed hunter's instinct, attention to their owners may be difficult when they are targeting a prey. Observe daily how the Andalusian dog is at all times attentive to the noises or movements until it launches with fast and coordinated movements to its goal.

But, we cannot deny that they are Friendly, cheerful, affectionate and friendly with children. Therefore, the Bodeguero Andaluz breed is perfect for living in homes with young children. They adapt without any complications to different places and environments. Preferably the house should have a garden or patio so that you feel free and at ease.

Brave, restless and with great genius, they are happy during Game sessions and walks with children or their owners. A toy at home will not allow you to get bored, your energies are inexhaustible when it comes to having fun.

Andalusian Winemaker with Pedigree

Despite being a more or less recent breed, timely registration in the RSCE (Royal Spanish Canine Society) you can acquire or request a dog of this breed and its pedigree, which is a certificate issued by the RSCE regarding the genealogical tree of the Andalusian Wine Cellar to those who complete the requirements, with the 3 generations previously recognized.

This means the following: it is essential to have the pedigree of grandparents, great-grandparents and parents to find the L.O.E. (Book of Spanish Origins). The purity Your Bodeguero Andaluz can be certified in this way.

Gestation of the female Bodeguero Andaluz

The female of the Bodeguero Andaluz breed, usually has a gestation time from when fertilization is performed until the time of delivery, which It can last up to 2 months.

During the initial stage of pregnancy, your pet can receive regular feeding and can perform normal activities at home. But, upon arrival the second month pregnancy will be necessary increase the amount of food or change the food for a better quality.

It will be the dog Bodeguero Andaluz who will choose the ideal place to have a dry and calm birth. During this stage the administration of medications of any kind is not required, only if the veterinarian recommends it.

In a pregnancy the dog Bodeguero Andaluz may have between two puppies and six puppies.