How much does a 9 month old English cocker spaniel dog have to measure and weigh?


The dog breed Cocker Spaniel It is a favorite of many people. It is an ideal dog for all types of homes, from families with children to the elderly. These dogs are medium sized, which makes them also suitable for any type of housing, they do not need too much space.

On the other hand, He is a very sociable dog, needs to be accompanied most of the time and does not support loneliness very well. Further, you should perform daily exercise to stay fit, although the ideal weight of the cocker spaniel depends on the origin of the breed.

Difference between English and American Cocker Spaniel

There are quite a few dog breeds that have been displaced to the United States from other parts of the world, and there they have developed their own "version" of the breed, crossing them with other dogs. The cocker spaniel is one of them.

The weights of the two variants of the breed are different. The standard defined for them by the FCI is:

  • English Cocker Spaniel. Height of the adult male: 39 - 41 cm. Height of the adult female: 38 - 39 cm. Average weight: 13 - 14.5 kilos.
  • American Cocker Spaniel. Height of the adult male: 38 cm. Height of the adult female: 35.5 cm. Standard weight is not established, but taking into account its proportions, we could say that a healthy weight for an American cocker is between 12 and 13.5 kilos, somewhat smaller than the English spaniel.

Tips to maintain the weight of the cocker spaniel

Now you know how much a cocker spaniel dog should weigh, but what can you do to make sure he stays at that healthy weight for him?

  • Remember the importance of feeding: Do not overfeed him or leave him hungry. Choose a quality food, adapted to your particular needs, your lifestyle and your age.
  • Keep it active! He daily physical exercise It is essential to keep fit and in good health. Cocker dogs have a past hunter, so they are very active and love to go out to exercise. If you are educated, it is a good idea to let him loose for a while on each walk to run at his leisure, they also enjoy going swimming.

If you have any questions about the weight of your cocker, or do not know if you are giving him the right food or exercise, do not hesitate to check with your veterinarian. The health of your hairy comes first!


Best answer: An English Cocker Spaniel dog, at that age can already be considered an adult in terms of physical development.

Approximate cross height:
Males between 39 and 41 cm (15.5 - 16 inches).
Females between 38 and 39 cm (15 - 15.5 inches).

Approximate weight: Between 12.5 and 14.5 kg (28 - 32 English pounds).

Facial region

  • Truffle: Wide enough for you to develop your olfactory skills.
  • Snout: Square.
  • Jaws / Teeth: Must have strong jaws, bite>Cheeks: Not prominent.
  • Eyes: Big but don't jump. They must be brown or dark brown, but never light, except in the case of specimens of liver, roan liver and liver and white, in which they may be dark hazelnut to harmonize with the coat. His expression is intelligent, sweet, but very alert, bright and cheerful, the edge of the eyelids well glued.
  • Ears: Lobular, with low insertion at eye level. Extended should reach the tip of the nose, well covered with long silky hair.

Moderately long, muscular. It unites elegantly on the back. Neck without double chin.


  • Top line: Firm, horizontal. It descends slightly from the end of the loin until the insertion of the tail.
  • Loin: Short and wide.
  • Chest: Well developed, deep thorax, should not be too wide or too narrow in the front. Well arched ribs.

Insertion slightly lower than the upper line. Must be cheerful in action and taken to level, never up, usually amputated.

  • Amputee: Never too short not to be seen, nor too long to interfere with the relentless joyful movement when the dog is in action.
  • Without amputating: Slightly curved, of moderate length, proportionate to the size of the body giving the appearance of a good overall balance, ideally it should not exceed the garrón.

Thick at the base, thinning to a fine point, with good fringe corresponding to the mantle.
Cheerful in action, carried on the same level as the top line, not higher, or lower than showing shyness.


Natural in its action, with powerful impulse that allows the dog to cover enough ground.

Smooth, silky texture, never rough or wavy, not very profuse and never curly. The forelimbs, body and hind limbs above the hocks must have enough fringes.

Various. In those copies of solid color, only a white spot is allowed on the chest.

Approximate weight

Between 12.5 and 14.5 kg (28 - 32 English pounds).

  • Any deviation from the aforementioned criteria is considered as a fault and its severity is considered to the degree of deviation from the standard and its consequences on the health and welfare of the dog.
  • Any dog ​​showing clear signs of physical or behavioral abnormalities must be disqualified.

Note: Males should have two normal-looking testicles completely descended into the scrotum.

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