How to care for the shell of the turtles?


Land turtles have a hard shell under which they are sustained and must be well taken care of. Discover here how you can keep your pet's 'home'.

The land turtle, despite being wild nature, has become an animal chosen by many to be your pet. Although he is treated with all the love and affection of the world, this is still an animal that, to be raised in a domestic environment, must take very strict care and live in conditions and in an environment as similar possible to its natural habitat. Before explaining or understanding how the way of life and character is, it is very important know the organic characteristics of the animal because its environment and its relationship with it will determine its state and physical form.

This reptile belongs to the Testudinics family and to the group of Quelonians. Its origin is located in Argentina and the size they reach in their adult stage can vary greatly depending on the species. They are usually peaceful animals with a very calm temper. The most visible feature of this type of reptile is his dorsal shell, which is formed by different plates connected to each other and joined to the lower part of the shell by means of a side bridge. Keeping the shell of a turtle in good condition is of great importance to the animal as this not only serves as a protective shield, but fulfills other vital functions: For example, the turtle's ribs are attached to it.

To keep the shell of your land turtle in good condition, it is important that you take care of a number of factors and that you meet the minimum requirements that the animal needs. Already in advance, a good and correct feeding, as well as contact with the sun will make your pet healthy and strong. If you want to know more details and tips, pay attention to the following care list:


The feeding is a very important point within the care of this reptile for the conservation in good condition of its shell. Find out very well and consult professional sources to avoid that you do not miss any details in case of doubts. First, be aware that you have to give all the nutrients you need and that, in case of not being able to give them to them, you will have to replace that lack with mineral vitamins, although always taking care that the intake do not exceed recommended amounts.

Terrestrial turtles, like most reptiles, they are vegetarian and its diet is very varied and consists of herbs, flowers, leaves, fruits, mushrooms, etc.. Being a fully herbivorous animal you must be clear that your diet must contain vegetables and fruit. If you want to facilitate digestion, select the food you are going to give to your pet, clean it well and serve it cut into small pieces. The slow character of Turtle metabolism is slow so try to distribute the daily food in several small portions. Of course, do not forget that all food, as well as the water you drink, must be room temperature. Another factor that will help maintain the good state of your turtle's shell will be to ensure that it receives an adequate dose of calcium, as this will help the shell stay strong and don't soften.

Contact with sunlight

This may sound odd, but the sun's rays are essential in conserving the shell of a land turtle. In its natural habitat, this animalgradece direct contact with sunlight so try that, if you have this reptile as a pet, that it also has its daily vitamin D3 dose. The UVB rays, together with the calcium that the animal can ingest from spinach, figs, broccoli or dandelions, are elements that are essential for the good state of its shell.

Guarantee the bone health and the shell of your land turtle will be two points to which you should pay special attention if you want your pet to live happily and in an enviable physical state. It is recommended that sun exposure be, at least half an hour. If you live in a country house, just take the animal to the garden, and if instead you live in an apartment, you can make it sunbathe from an open window, always guarded, or from a terrace.

Important steps to take care of the turtle shell

Following these tips, you will look perfect, for sure.

First step

We can live in an apartment, but we must try to make our turtle sunbathe for at least a quarter of an hour daily, so it will have a healthy shell and look good.

Second step

This type of feeding is another factor that helps to maintain the sea turtle shell in good condition. These turtles eat many herbs, flowers, fruits or mushrooms. Nor do disgust of small animals like lizards.

Third step

When we can not give the turtle if daily amount of sun or a varied diet, it is possible to supplement all this with mineral vitamins, but we must be careful not to give them too many or they will have kidney problems.

Fourth step

We said at the beginning that it is a wild animal, so where it is best is outside. If we have a small garden or land, it is possible to place our pet there and it will feel good there, which will have an impact on its shell. If you do not have these possibilities, you must make a terrarium with a bed that is made up of flowers and leaves that reproduce a natural space.

Fifth step

If we talk about the cleaning of the shell of this turtle, it is best to do it weekly if you live indoors and twice a week if the habitat is outside. You just have to wet the water and with the help of a small brush, we will rub the dirtiest areas in order to eliminate the remaining remains. Never use gels or shampoos.

We hope that after these simple tips you have stayed with the most important thing to take care of your turtle's shell. They are simple care that if you carry them out, you will see how your animal will look better and you will help it to be better preserved, something that is always the most convenient.

Do not forget to take care of your turtle or pet, they are our companions and they will always thank you.

Environment conditions

As already indicated at the beginning, if you decide to have a land turtle as a pet, it will be vital for your well-being that you adapt the space in which you are going to live in a way that best resembles your natural habitat. Since it is a wild animal by nature, the environment in which it will best be raised will be in a outdoor and dry environment, and if it is a terrarium where you can camp at your leisure, better than better. If you have a small garden and you can dedicate a part of the space to your turtle, this will thank you.

If on the contrary you live in an apartment, it will be important that you resort to a terrarium or any other space that perfectly imitates your natural environment. Have vegetation, earth, stones, as well as direct contact with sunlight will be virtually immovable requirements.

Shell Cleaning

Once you are clear about the points you need to take care of to keep your pet's shell in excellent condition, you should know that the outside of your pet's shell also It has to be carefully. Something you should keep in mind is where your pet lives: if you live in a terrarium outside, you will have to clean the shell a couple of times a week, but if she lives in an apartment with you, you just have to do the cleaning once a week.

Of course, even though your turtle's shell is strong, you should pay attention to what you use to clean it. Forget about soaps, shampoos or any other chemical To keep your pet's shell in good condition, you can cause it a problem. Use a clean cloth and water and remove any dirt with care and care. If you have more doubts about the care a land turtle requires, consult your questions with a veterinarian so he can guide you and give you the best advice.